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Project Description

LOST: CIRCLE - A Chronological Fan Edit

     If you want to access Lost: Circle please send me an email at ""      Hey there Losties! Soundwave815 here! I thought it might be a good idea to get a more permanent home for LOST: CIRCLE and what better place than this! Lots of fun things to come here!!!      Or join The Island: A LOST Fan Server on discord and send me a message there! Tons of exciting and fun things are always happening on The Island, endless LOST talk, theorizing and speculation, weekly watches, and so much more!! The Island: A LOST Fan Server      LOST: CIRCLE is a fan edit, lovingly dedicated to the cast and crew of LOST, and to the fans who ensure that the light will never go out!! But what is it?!?      Lost: Circle is a brand new and currently ongoing chronological fan edit of lost that tells the story through the lens of experience. This adheres to the cardinal time travel rule of lost Whatever Happened Happened. This means that the time travel moments the characters

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