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LOST: CIRCLE is not for sale and will always be free to view for legal owners of Lost! 

     As One Chapter Closes, Another Begins. 
    The Lost: Circle series finale is now available. The series is now complete. Bringing this series to you all over the last few years has been a truly remarkable experience. I've had so many absolutely mind-melting experiences, met so many amazing people and made so many great friends that it hardly seems worth trying to distill any of it into words. But then that's always been one of the remarkable things about LOST and the bond we all share because of it. There is no need for me to explain all of the ways in which Lost has impacted all our lives because you all know. I would absolutely love to hear from you all with your thoughts and comments on the series even if you'd just like to say you enjoyed the it (or that you didn't! Haha). Whether through email (listed above) or on Reddit and discord my username on either is Soundwave815, drop me a line! 
    Every Lost: Circle episode ends with a card dedicating the project to the cast and crew of lost, but most importantly, to all of you. I would never, ever have been able to complete this series without the constant help and support of the Lost community. The amount of love and generosity I've experienced from you all has been completely overwhelming. To paraphrase my favorite Lost character; I hope someone does for you, what you all have done for me. I hope that this series has shown you even a small amount of my love for not only Lost, but you all (everybody). There is nothing else that I could try and say that the Lost: Circle series finale won't say better. Thank you so much for watching!! Now....let's take a look at THE ROAD AHEAD. 
    As you can tell 'The End' was just the beginning and there is A LOT to unpack here. We will be diving into all of this in much more detail in the coming days and weeks! I'm doing all kinds of tests for the 4k remaster as well as the subtitle automation and I think both aspects will have rewarding results. I'm especially looking forward to the subtitles and the audio commentaries which I think will be a LOT of fun. If you are reading this and you'd like to be a guest on one of the audio commentary tracks there is no experience or equipment necessary beyond being able to hop on a Zoom or Discord call and you should feel free to ask me about it by writing an email to! The recordings for those would still be a ways off as I want to finish the deleted scenes and error corrections first. If there is a sequence you'd like me to make a behind the scenes featurette for please also reach out! All suggestions for post-release content are welcome! I also want to take a moment to highlight once again my recent podcast appearance on The Magic Box!
If you are new to Lost: Circle here is a breakdown of the projects aims and features!

     Lost: Circle is a brand new chronological fan edit of lost that tells the story through the lens of experience. This adheres to the cardinal time travel rule of lost Whatever Happened Happened. This means that the time travel moments the characters experience will happen when they happened to that person. So on day 108+ after the crash. Not towards the beginning of the narrative.


- The complete canon of Lost told across 80 brand new episodes

- All on-screen opening credits have been removed for seamless scene by scene viewing

-10+ HOURS of additional music from Michael Giacchino and many other amazing artists

-Additional or alternative musical montages

 -New shot by shot color grading on the entire series to bring the footage from multiple seasons in line with each other. Removed orange tint on Nigeria, Tunisia, and Iraq set scenes.

-End credits sequences from scratch to credit the entire cast and crew of a given episode

-All of the foreign language dialog that didn't have subtitles on it (IE. a lot of Jins on island dialog for example) has been translated and subtitles have been created and added.

-No split-screen in any of the episodes

-The Missing Pieces (only available in stereo) have been remixed from stereo into 5.1 using AI audio processors to lift elements from a sound mix.

-All episodes are presented in 1080p 5.1 surround, upon completion of the last season a 4k HDR remaster will begin!! I will also re-release the original cut of lost in this manner when the LOST: CIRCLE one is complete!

And so much more!! I've spend countless hours on every aspect of this edit and I think the results have turned out pretty great!! The feedback I've received thus far has been so enthusiastic and I'd like to thank everyone who has reached out!!!

Okay enough with the boring stuff lets get to some clips!!

Season 5 Trailer

The Crash - Season 1 Finale Clip

The Crash Aftermath - Season 2 Premiere Clip

Season 2 Episode 3 - Second Chance - Shambala Sequence

Season 2 Episode 6 - B-6-12 - Ending Montage (Extended I Shall Not Walk Alone Sequence)

Season 2 Episode 12 - The City of Luil - Boone Makes Contact with the Tailies, Dies.

Season 2 Episode 12 - The City of Luil - Ending Sequence (Life and Death)

Season 3 Episode 1 - Little Gidding - Opening Montage (Make Your Own Kind of Music Extended)

Season 3 Episode 1 - Little Gidding - Jack Goes Down the Hatch

Season 3 Episode 2 - Dig Down

Nigeria Color Grade Comparison

Jack Attacks Achra

There are a couple more clips in my YouTube and Vimeo accounts!

Lots more to come!!  

If you've enjoyed any of my artistic endeavors, please consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi! 

 LOST: CIRCLE is not for sale and will always be free to view for legal owners of Lost!


-Namaste, Soundwave815