Season 7 Release Schedule!


 There are now only days until the final episodes of Lost: Circle! Wow. I actually finished work on the series finale a few days ago now and it's been such a roller coaster of emotions. A huge, massive thank you to everyone who has watched this series and a special thank you to those of you who have reached out with such generous words and feedback. I would truly not have made it this far without you all. I've been taking a look back at the earlier seasons and just how many different sequences I've put together it's really beyond words how I feel here as we reach the end. But there is plenty of time for emotional rants. Now, lets talk about SEASON 7.

Season 7 will release over the course of 5 days starting on May 19th and ending on May 23rd!

The schedule is as follows:

May 19th - Episode 1 - "Birth by Sleep"
May 20th - Episode 2 - "Dharmata"
May 21st - Episode 3 - "Duḥkha"
May 22nd - Episode 4 - "Chain of Memories"
*Series Finale*
May 23rd - Episode 5 - "Know Where"

May 23rd 2024 will be the 14th anniversary of the LOST series finale so there is no more perfect day for Lost: Circle to take it's curtain call. And while we may be reaching the final episode, our time together is far from over! More on that next week after the series finale! NEXT WEEK! Wow. I cannot believe we are here at the end.

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