Penultimate Episode Now Available!

     Let's save the crying and the pontificating till tomorrow shall we? Because if I start typing about how the PENULTIMATE EPISODE is now available I will get emotional. That's right Losties, as I type this there is only ONE episode remaining in the whole of Lost: Circle. Wow. I mean, I've said 'wow' a lot on this site....but that one feels episode remaining.

    Okay really though, tomorrow for the soliloquy. Today for Season 7 Episode 4 "Chain of Memories" (that marks our 3rd and final Kingdom Hearts reference in the titles).

Interesting! I figured the barcode would get brighter and less colorful for this episode but Lost is ever the trickster...I wonder what the series finale looks like? My prediction would be the brightest and lightest episode yet!

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LOST: CIRCLE is not for sale and will always be free to view for legal owners of Lost!