Season 7 Episode 2 Now Available!


    Wow what an exciting day yesterday was! It saw the release of Season 7 Episode 1 and my appearance on The Magic Box: A Lost Podcast both of which you should obviously check out, but this is finale week so the train just keeps on rolling; Season 7 Episode 2 "Dharmata" is now available!

    Today I'm bringing back an old tradition of the episode barcode image! In the future I will go back and complete this set, stitch them together and present them in some kind of digital album/poster which will be super fun. For those who don't know what a 'movie barcode' is it's a process where the dominant color of each frame in a video is put into tiny little strips and then presented as an image! They are essentially color swatches of a given episode and it's been just a fun little addition to the releases in the past. Here is the barcode for 7.02:

    My goodness we're really in the sideways now eh? Just look at all that white light. To be fair the brightest and largest chunks are the opening title and end credits sequences. I'll be quite interested in the future to compare these to their Lost season 6 counterparts. Enough rambling from me today, see you all tomorrow for the release of 7.03 - "Duḥkha". Just THREE MORE EPISODES TO GO. I'm not crying, you're crying.....or you will be in three episodes haha.

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