Season 4 Finale Now Available!


   A day I thought might not ever come more than once this year, Season 4 is now complete!!!! Wow. The light at the end of the tunnel is starting to show through and the breakneck pace that the back half of season 4 kicked into will continue right through to the end of the series.

Let's take a look forward at the rest of the series! 

Season 5 will be 12 episodes

Season 6 will be 8 episodes

and finally Season 7 will be 5 episodes

25 episodes remain in the series! Pardon me while I freakout about that for a while haha.


To say that season 4 nearly killed me wouldn't be an exaggeration, I was hospitalized for a total of 19 days during the season hence the multiple extended delays (7 in July, 12 in Oct/Nov). But even outside of that I found that this season really took it's toll on me emotionally.

This probably isn't surprising but I've spent a LOT of time on this project. A lot. And one thing that I didn't expect was how emotionally draining it can be, especially when there is a lot of suffering going on. I feel responsible in some way for their pain. Season 4 had no shortage of that my goodness. We lost a lot of characters this season. We also got a lot of characters back after their season 1 introductions! That is something I'm looking forward to exploring further in season 5.

Season 5 will debut Jan. 3rd 2024, of course I will have a holiday gift for you all before then!

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