Post Release Update - New Subtitle Formatting!

 Namaste Losties! Today I've got a little hiatus treat for ya'll. The foreign language subtitles have been updated for all three seasons of Lost: Circle!!!

This update applies specifically to:

2.02 - Heart of Darkness
2.03 - Second Chance
2.04 - All Who Wander
2.08 - Sto Lavorando
2.11 - ...Of Trust
2.12 - The City of Luil
2.14 - Rabbit Hole
3.01 - Little Gidding
3.02 - Krita Yuga
3.03 - Old Habits
3.04 - Upādāna
3.06 - Relapse
3.08 - Trompe L'oeil
3.09 - Vageries of Perception

There is a real chance that season 4 will see a bit of a delay but fingers crossed that isn't the case! I'll know more in the days to come. During the hiatus before season 4 I encourage people to take a look back at some of the earlier episodes! There have been a lot of changes and improvements made to the first three seasons while they were being released. I can't wait to continue on this adventure with you all!