Season 3 Episode 10 - Perihelion - Sneak Peek


           Please note that the video quality of the clip in no way reflects the release version, these clips must be very tiny sizes to get uploaded to Blogger!

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    Namaste Losties! This will be at minimum a weekly thing from here on out, but here is a sneak peek at a sequence from next week's episode: Perihelion. This episode covers material from "?", "Three Minutes" and "Live Together, Die Alone (Part I)"!! Next Wednesday we say goodbye to the remaining material from season 2 of lost, and say hello to season 3 footage! What a milestone!! The remaining 5 episodes are going to be some of the best and we are heading straight towards the season 3 finale of LOST: CIRCLE.
In fact, based on the outline for the series (which is available along with the series by emailing we are fast approaching the halfway point of the entire series!

    The project is currently slated for about 84-86 episodes and this Wednesday will see the release of the 38th episode! Wow that is very difficult for me to comprehend haha. I'm working on a few deep dives into the process of this edit but to give you all some idea of how this project is done here is a photograph of the project timeline in Adobe Premiere for this specific clip!

 From top to bottom the layers are as follows:
Tan: Original audio track elements, muted once the hatch alarm beep begins.
Green: Voi Che Sapete by Mozart (Desmond is listening to this song earlier in the episode on his boat)
Purple: Hatch Computer Room Ambience, Echos of the alarm beep
Rose: Hatch Alarm Beeps placed one-by-one.
Blue: New Dialog track lifted from the original mix with AI audio processing tools
Cerulean: The 3 bottom layers here are punching foley, then the hatch clock ticking, and finally the hatch 'vault' style door closing SFX.

    This kind of meticulous audio remixing is by far the most difficult and time consuming aspect of this project but I also find it to be the most rewarding and enjoyable part of the editing process.

    The average Circle episode has 80-130 new audio cues everything from new foley to nature ambience, additional and alternative music cues, replaced dialog and more! I will be doing a deep dive on the music very soon and that will also see the release of the season 2 and 3 OST volumes (so sorry for the delay on those!). Season 1's volume is available on Spotify! A YouTube version of it will also debut with the release of the other two!

Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and support!! It means the world to me! Please feel free to reach out to me with feedback or questions anytime!!